Beth’s Workshop: Papier Mache Times

An insight into the workshop of a puppeteer and artist

An insight into Beth’s creative process and her use of papier mache in creating puppets.

Post originally published on the Paper Crane Puppet Company website.

“Today was papier mache day. Thankfully it’s finally all done! Today was the first day I’ve been absolutely freezing in the workshop but it was probably worth it!

Now the Sentence Snatchers and Frank both have a layer of brown paper papier mache and PVA to provide a little protection. I also added papier mache to Frank’s neck, neckline and wrists to provide an easy area to paint.

Next stage for Frank is acrylic paint and hair and the next stage for the Sentence Snatchers is fabric. This is my first time working with muslin but I think I’ve got it all worked out!”