“The People’s Rock: A Musical” debuts at Vault Festival 2018

Announcing our debut musical THE PEOPLE’S ROCK, which will be at Vault Festival 2018 in January

We at Nevertheless She, a new collective of female creatives working across stage and screen, are proud to announce our theatrical debut, THE PEOPLE’S ROCK: A MUSICAL.

**Tickets on sale now**

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes here at Nevertheless She, and it’s paid off. Our debut musical production, THE PEOPLE’S ROCK, will be at Vault Festival 2018.

The year is 2050. Meet Tee, an impressionable young woman navigating a dystopian landscape, with only her hero to guide her, wrestling legend/model/actor/2020 US presidential candidate, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. When he is inexplicably erased from society, Tee will stop at nothing to discover the truth of his disappearance. Something’s cooking and it smells like revolution!

We’re thrilled to bring our collective talents across writing, puppetry and musical performance, to this story of one woman’s struggle against the odds, in a bizarre world that at times feels scarily close to our own. This is a journey of music, puppets, justice and a whole lot of revolution!

FromĀ 24th-28th January 2018, catch us at The Network Theatre, London, Waterloo. Cast and crew will be around after the show too and we’ve love to see you there. January, here we come!

Tickets on sale now