Behind the Scenes: Meet Hedley Knights

As we get to know the team behind the scenes of our debut musical THE PEOPLE’S ROCK, next up is composer/engineer Hedley Knights

New writing theatre musical composer londonIn the run up to our musical theatre debut, THE PEOPLE’S ROCK, we’ve been welcoming new faces to the Nevertheless She team and asking them some essential questions to get to know them better. Behind the scenes, our composer and engineer, Hedley Knights has been busy creating the music and soundscape of the show’s dystopian world.

Hedley is a London-based Sound Engineer for film, TV and radio, under his company name Knights Audio. His clients include the BBC, ITV, SKY, Fox and HBO, to name but a few. As well as being a technical whizz, he is a talented composer, whose aptitude for musical satire and emotive storytelling has wowed us throughout the development of THE PEOPLE’S ROCK.

We asked Hedley a few questions about his role in the show and his thoughts on musicals.

1.What’s your role in THE PEOPLE’S ROCK? Composer and Engineer.

2. What’s your favourite musical and why? Theatre-wise, at the moment it’s Hamilton. Great soundtrack, Lin-Manuel Miranda (also love his work on Moana!) And Les Mis is timeless. Film-wise Frozen. Dem feels.

3. Who’s your hero (living or deceased) and why? Anyone strong, fast, and fresh from the fight.

4. Tell us a secret. I can’t drive while listening to the Frozen soundtrack. The tears obscure my vision.

5. If you had a puppet alter ego, what would they be called and why?  Probably Brian or something. My girlfriend’s the puppet-maker and she finds boring names funny.

6. Describe THE PEOPLE’S ROCK in 3 words. It is badass.

7. What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Stop listening to the Moana soundtrack in the car. The tears obscure my vision.

See Hedley’s work as composer and engineer in our debut musical THE PEOPLE’S ROCK at the Network Theatre, Waterloo, London, as part of the Vault Festival 2018, from 24th to 28th January. *Tickets available now*