Behind the Scenes: Meet Tilly Lunken

As we get to know the team behind the scenes of our debut musical THE PEOPLE’S ROCK, next up is writer/dramaturg Tilly Lunken

Womens Writing Theatre LondonIn the run up to our musical theatre debut, THE PEOPLE’S ROCK, we’ve been welcoming new faces to the Nevertheless She team and asking them some essential questions to get to know them better. We thought it was only right to ask ourselves those same questions, so next up is writer and dramaturg, Tilly Lunken.

Tilly is the co-founder and co-producer of In Souliloquy, an innovative digital collection of new souliloquys which give voices to Shakespeare’s undersung or misrepresented characters. Her latest production MECHANICAL’S MACBETH sees the players of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM take on the tragedy of MACBETH. It debuted at The Criterion Theatre as part of their new writing showcase last year, with further performances set for 2018.

Tilly is an accomplished freelance writer with a BA in Creative Writing/Theatre Studies from the University of Melbourne and an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia, where she was the recipient of the Malcolm Bradbury Development Award.  She is also an alumna of both the Royal Court and Menagerie Young Writer’s Programs, as well as the Criterion Writing Program, and has taught masterclasses at the University of East Anglia and Central School of Speech and Drama.

It is thanks to Tilly’s undying love of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson that THE PEOPLE’S ROCK was devised.

We asked Tilly a few questions about the show and her hero.

1.What’s your role in THE PEOPLE’S ROCK? Co-writer, plus whatever other label needed.

2. What’s your favourite musical and why? Probably Matilda because of the clever songs and defiance of authority. I think Tim Minchin really captures the cheekiness of the story as well as the wistfulness we have as we are no longer children.

3. Who’s your hero (living or deceased) and why? Does The Rock count?! Probably Shakespeare – his contribution to our language is incredible. Also, every single woman who has fought before us for a more equal society – we still have work to do but we’ve only had the vote here in England 100 years which if you think about it is kind of insane – it’s an inspiration to keep resisting and keep making good art.

4. Tell us a secret. I’ve never actually watched a wrestling match!

5. If you had a puppet alter ego, what would they be called and why?  I don’t know about names but it would definitely be small and fluffy and burst into song at inappropriate moments.

6. Describe THE PEOPLE’S ROCK in 3 words. Powerful. Strident. Eyebrows.

7. What’s your New Year’s Resolution? To write more songs, it’s been one of the most exciting parts of writing this and other shows for me this year. It’s a fascinating process.

See our debut musical THE PEOPLE’S ROCK at the Network Theatre, Waterloo, London, as part of the Vault Festival 2018, from 24th to 28th January. *Tickets available now*