Behind the Scenes: Meet Ceci Mazzarella

As we get to know the team behind the scenes of our debut musical THE PEOPLE’S ROCK, next up is writer/marketing Ceci Mazzarella

Ceci MazzIn the run up to our musical theatre debut, THE PEOPLE’S ROCK, we’ve been welcoming new faces to the Nevertheless She team and asking them some essential questions to get to know them better. We thought it was only right to ask ourselves those same questions, so next up is writer and marketer, Ceci Mazzarella.

Ceci has been ‘chief script wrangler’ for THE PEOPLE’S ROCK, getting everyone’s ideas together and making sure we have a finished script which works. Predominately a writer, she is also a freelance script reader and script editor, working with writers and producers to help them get their stories out of their heads and in front of an audience. She’s always happy to chat through an exciting idea and she’s got a knack for helping creators articulate exactly what it is they’re trying to achieve. Her own writing is most often described as ‘strange’. She’s working to pinpoint exactly what that means.

When the idea for THE PEOPLE’S ROCK first came about, it started as a joke between the Nevertheless She team, and it was Ceci who pulled together the ideas and created a pitch and story outline. We’re happy to have found like-minded people at the Vault Festival who supported our surreal and thoughtful musical.

We asked Ceci a few questions about the show and her role.

1.What’s your role in THE PEOPLE’S ROCK? Writing, marketing, production management, general helping hand.

2. What’s your favourite musical and why? Muppets Treasure Island. It needs no explanation.

3. Who’s your hero (living or deceased) and why?  All the people we never hear about, who work really hard to make the world a little better and are rarely thanked for their contributions.

4. Tell us a secret. I often pretend I’ve read the book, when I’ve only seen the movie.

5. If you had a puppet alter ego, what would they be called and why? My puppet alter ego would be called Ceaseless, and she would say everything I think but am not always brave enough to say out loud. She would be unstoppable.

6. Describe THE PEOPLE’S ROCK in 3 words. It’s totally awesome.

7. What’s your New Year’s Resolution? To read a book in Japanese. A short book. A children’s book. Maybe just a sentence…

See our debut musical THE PEOPLE’S ROCK at the Network Theatre, Waterloo, London, as part of the Vault Festival 2018, from 24th to 28th January. *Tickets available now*