Behind the Scenes: Meet Joshua Batch

As we get to know the team behind the scenes of our debut musical THE PEOPLE’S ROCK, next up is co-composer Josh Batch

Composer New Musical Theatre LondonIn the run up to our musical theatre debut, THE PEOPLE’S ROCK, we’ve been welcoming new faces to the Nevertheless She team and asking them some essential questions to get to know them better. Next up is one of our composers, without whom, the show couldn’t have been made, the wonderful Joshua Batch.

Joshua is a freelance score composer, holding a BSc in Audio and Music Technology and an MA in Creative Entrepreneurship. The multi-talented guy has worked on a number of short films and projects, including one with our director Sophie Benefer. His work fuses contemporary classical with electronic and he also has experience as a recording engineer and audio producer. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s the frontman and lyricist of his band Blood Like Honey.

We asked Josh a few questions about the show and his role in helping bring everything together.

1.What’s your role in THE PEOPLE’S ROCK? I am one half of the composing team.

2. What’s your favourite musical and why? Does Mulan count? I really love Mulan!

3. Who’s your hero (living or deceased) and why? My father. He taught me all the values and morals to being a great human being and has supported my music passions from day one.

4. Tell us a secret. I once, nearly, sold a punting trip in Cambridge to the actor who played Geoffrey on Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He had to run off to rehearsals before I could seal the deal.

5. If you had a puppet alter ego, what would they be called and why? Joseph Bakh, because at one point people thought that was my name and it sounds so elusive, like a crime villain.

6. Describe THE PEOPLE’S ROCK in 3 words. Smells like revolution!

7. What’s your New Year’s Resolution? To go and see a show or gig at least once a month.

See our debut musical THE PEOPLE’S ROCK at the Network Theatre, Waterloo, London, as part of the Vault Festival 2018, from 24th to 28th January. *Tickets available now*