The People’s Rock: A Musical

Our debut musical production THE PEOPLE’S ROCK opened in the first week of Vault Festival 2018.

It brought together powerful women, a dystopian landscape, a puppet of The Rock and catchy original music score.

2050. The world but not as we know it. There is no democracy. There is no religion. There is no internet. And teenager Tee couldn’t care less. She’s busy with work, frustrated by family, and obsessed with her hero Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Tee has no interest in politics. She doesn’t think much of Emperor Trumpus, the omniscient dictator with his small hands on the country. She doesn’t think much about the wars raging just beyond the wall which surrounds her home. She certainly doesn’t think about what happens to people who mysteriously “get fired”…

When The Rock is inexplicably erased from society, Tee is forced to wake up. Why does no one else care that he’s gone? Why do they pretend he never existed? Why do they keep telling her to shut up?

Tee knows The Rock was real and she won’t rest until she discovers the truth about his disappearance. Something’s cooking and it smells like revolution!

THE PEOPLE’S ROCK is the debut musical from Nevertheless She, whose collective credits include theatre, screenwriting, puppetry, musical performance and producing. We are thrilled to debut our bizarre, genre-bending musical at VAULT Festival 2018. Come along to enjoy a show that’s both surreal and insightful. Laugh, cry, sing, think. And to top it all, it’s also one of the cheapest musicals in London.

Press Coverage of The People’s Rock: A Musical

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