Sophie Benefer

Founder of Nevertheless She, Sophie is an eclectic scripwriter who has written four TV pilots, two short films, an animated short and a feature film. With experience in producing and directing both TV and film, she has an extensive understanding of the production process and an ability to adapt to any situation. Her work covers all areas of drama, from post-apocalyptic wastelands to agoraphobia and coming of age stories.

Emma Shaw

Emma is an experienced producer who has a passion for supporting and developing new work, particularly from female writers. As well as being a contributing writer, she is part of the Nevertheless She production team. Her own writing often takes existing ideas and turns them on their head to create something bold and new.

Tilly Lunken

Tilly is a freelance writer and dramaturg. She’s a graduate of the UEA Creative Writing MA and has been developed through the Royal Court, Menagerie, Norwich Puppet Theatre (Beauty and the Beast, 2014), Little Angel and currently the Criterion. She’s the co-producer and writer of digital theatre project In Souliloquy (#ShakespeareLives!).

Ceci Mazzarella

Ceci spends her time playing with words and pictures. She writes about small people in big situations, often situations they would be happy to ignore. She’s written several short scripts and three novels which she is working to get published. When she’s not writing her own work, she’s editing other people’s, and all too often finds herself on the finance side of production management. As well as being a contributing writer, she is part of our marketing team.

Beth Crane

Beth is a freelance writer, puppet maker, painter and illustrator. Since completing an MA in Scriptwriting at the University of East Anglia, Beth has worked in a pathology lab, a pottery shop and almost everything in between. She writes articles, short plays and graphic novels. Her aim is to make people think differently — whether that’s sympathising with a would-be murderer or understanding facets of mental health that would normally seem alien. Her puppets have featured in the BBC’s Infinite Monkey Cage and the Science Museum’s recent series Quest for Wonder.

Helen Easter

Having graduated with an MA in Documentary Filmmaking, Helen combines her passion for documentary with an in-depth look at personal narratives. Through her fiction, she creates intimate portraits of the characters’ lives, closely exploring their identities. Her films have previously been screened at BFI Shorts and the Berlin Shorts Festivals.